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Barry Productions
“This will be the last phone call you will ever have to make.”

SpeechLess String Trio Barn at Gibbett Hill


We offer the best in solo harp, harp and flute, harp and violin, harp and cello, plus trios of harp, flute, cello, harp, violin, cello, and other classical chamber ensembles.  We can play all styles of classical music, such as Bach, Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi, Debussy, Ravel, and the most requested classical repertoire.  But we also play folk, Celtic, Asian, South American and other World Music.  In addition, we offer contemporary popular music on classical instruments.   Artists like Sting, John Legend, Adele, Stevie Wonder, and The Beatles are some of the artists we cover.  Perfect for any celebration!

SL is a dynamic musical ensemble that performs a wide range of material spanning classical, jazz, swing, motown, blues, r&b, funk, rock and pop music. SL performs as a string duo/trio/quartet, a jazz combo, and a high-energy band featuring vocals. 
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