You know that delicious feeling you get when an AWESOME band launches into your favorite song? That euphoric burst of adrenaline that takes over your whole body, propelling you onto the dance floor so you can ROCK out? The exhilaration of dancing non-stop for hours at the BEST – PARTY – EVER? …. What a RUSH, right?!!!!

Actually what we just described is the MIND-BLOWING experience YOU will have at YOUR wedding with the scrumptiously-talented band SR! Even the most hard-core music junkies agree that SR’s insatiable, candy-coated sound is 100% addictive! You just can’t get enough of this band’s sweet-sounding yummy-ness … it’s like musical Red Bull up in here! So for the rush of a lifetime at your wedding, we’ve got the only band for you … SR!

“Eric , (your) band has been, and continues to be one of the finest bands in the New England area. Highly talented and professional … a pleasure to work with.”

— Chuck Noe

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